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Sunday 17 April 2011

I'm on my way!

I decided a visit to the source of my inspiration would be a good idea, so I will begin by embarking on a journey to Rajasthan, home to one of the biggest textile centres of India.  My aim is to learn more about some of the techniques used in traditional Indian textiles and also visit workshops and villages where the artisans make these amazing crafts and textiles. Also, I want to see the beautiful architecture of the forts and palaces that dominate this princely state and capture the intricate skilled craftsmanship of the people that decorated these opulent residences. 

I will try to keep you updated with what I am doing and hopefully show you some wonderful sights of India along the way, some exciting new products and anything else I think you will interested in. With my husband in tow as my travel companion/photographer, we have set off for our incredible journey!

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