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Friday 22 April 2011

India Inspiration Trip - Day 5

Today was another exciting day! I was off to see more potential suppliers. I am really interested in block work textiles so I headed out to see some block printers at work.

I met some lovely people in a workshop so that I could see the process and how much effort goes into each unique piece. They were block printing a bedspread. It’s quite unbelievable just how long it takes to block print just one of these. The skill and accuracy involved is really interesting to watch. I went back to the workshop later on to see how far they had got, and I was amazed at how colourful the design had gone from just a plain blue motif to a vibrant red floral pattered bedspread! 

The man I had gone to see at the workshop also took me to see the numerous workshops where the wooden blocks used in the block printing process are meticulously carved by hand. This is seriously skilled work – the intricacy of some of the floral designs takes weeks to complete. Real craftsmen at work! 

I managed to zip around and see a few more people in the afternoon. It was so great to see how the Indian textiles I have always loved start their life. Each piece seems to have a unique and personal story to it. A fabulous and very educational day.

PS. Let’s get one thing clear – you can’t come to India without witnessing a few gravity defying stunts and bizarre scenes on the roads. Here are just a few that we snapped from the car on the way back to the hotel…..

Check out the goat on the back seat!

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