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Tuesday 19 April 2011

India Inspiration Trip - Day 2

This is where the real Raja and Rani adventure begins. Jaipur is considered to be the best city for textiles and crafts in Rajasthan and is world famous for its numerous bazaars. Tripolia Bazaar, Kishanpol Bazaar, Bapu and Nehru Bazaar are the various markets of Jaipur, where brightly coloured fabrics and handicrafts will catch your eye.

Today I decided to spend the day roaming the bustling bazaars of the Old City to get some inspiration. Luckily, I set out from the hotel at 10am, which meant the traders were just opening up when I arrived and it wasn’t too hot and overcrowded. Surprisingly, the markets are actually well laid out in a grid system according to their craft, with each unit having a number above the shop, so unlike most of my experiences of finding places in India, it wasn’t to difficult to wander around and find some shops I was keen to visit.

The markets are a great place to soak up the street life. Everything is just so colourful, and the scenes are much more interesting than the shopping malls!

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